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Joshua Dread: The Nameless Hero
Lee Bacon
The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 1: Apocalypse Suite - Gerard Way, Gabriel Bá Concept: A
Plot: A
Character Development: B+
Writing: A
Pacing: A
Ending: A
Art: A

Surreal, strange, scifi and yet fantasy, fantasy and yet scifi, dark, and fun fun fun. Seven immaculately conceived siblings with superpowers come together to mourn their dead "father," an alien who adopted them and, like any good parent, raised them to be completely dysfunctional. In the middle of the mixed feelings, their long-lost brother resurfaces from the far future and tells them they must stop the apocalypse! Plenty of action, explosions, family arguments, love/hate sibling dynamics, and a talking chimpanzee. Also the Eiffel Tower is a spaceship. Just go with it!

Best part: Realizing I want to be La Viole Blanche for Halloween next year, and that finding a white onesie leotard is probably going to be way easier than finding this year's costume was.