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The Carrie Diaries - Candace Bushnell I'm only giving this two stars because it was better than I expected it to be. I think a teen girl who really likes soap-opera type romance stories and hasn't seen Sex and the City might enjoy this book enough that she wouldn't, say, throw it at the wall or burn it.

But it's plodding and meandering plot-wise, and Carrie has no spirit, wit, or drive. She spends the entire book moping about her boyfriend, who is hot but a jerk and is obviously two-timing her. Carrie's "should I/shouldn't I" flip-flopping about whether to have sex with him makes no sense for two reasons: a) he's clearly cheating, so no, she shouldn't, and b) who cares? In the TV show, she sleeps with EVERYONE. It's normal to see a teen character agonize over the issue of virginity, but come on. It's not like she's going to end up with any guy in this series. We already know she ends up with Mr. Big! So what difference does it make except on the level of self-respect? And no self-respecting girl would waste her time with that jerk.

Just as pseudo-feminist as the TV series, not quite as poorly written as Bushnell's books for adults.