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The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott: Unseen Images from the Legendary Antarctic Expedition - David M. Wilson Nearly a century after his death during the ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole, Captain Robert Falcon Scott remains a figure of controversy. Though initially lionized, Scott was later criticized by historians for a lack of preparation and foresight. Now David M. Wilson (Edward Wilson's Nature Notebooks), the great-nephew of an expedition member, uses Scott's own recovered photographs to recount the deadly journey.

Scott, who had been trained in photography by the expedition's official cameraman, captured eerily beautiful images of the alien Antarctic panorama. Ponies struggle through crusted snow while small supply camps stand alone against the bright, frosty horizon. Wilson's accompanying text uses the words of Scott and his crew to recreate the choices and hardships that led them to their doom. More than an adventure story, The Lost Photographs is an artifact from the dawn of photography as art, suitable for historians and photography enthusiasts alike.

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