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Seven Years To Sin - Sylvia Day Are you thinking this summer can't get hotter? Sylvia Day's latest erotic romance may change your mind.

Lady Jessica Sheffield's passion was awakened when she caught devilish Alistair Caulfield in flagrante delicto with an older countess. Though intrigued, Jessica held her tongue and dutifully married another man. Now widowed after seven years of pleasant, uneventful matrimony, Jessica sets sail for the plantation her husband left her, not realizing until after departure that Alistair is also aboard the ship. Free from the prying eyes of Regency society, Jessica and Alistair will succumb to years of buried attraction, but when the voyage ends, will Jessica see Alistair as more than a secret indulgence?

Seven Years to Sin embodies every great quality of a good romance novel, from its gorgeous yet torrid love scenes to its era-appropriate overtones of women's empowerment. Jessica and Alistair's intense connection both in and out of the bedchamber will make you believe in the power of love as they repeatedly tell society and convention to take a hike. Day has created a damaged but honorable hero, a heroine with a tortuous past and the strength to face it, and made each a complete person who is still stronger with the support of the other. On the other side of the coin, secondary characters struggle with difficult marriages and unrequited love, leaving the reader yearning for them to find the same happiness as Jessica and Alistair.

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