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Only Mine - Susan Mallery Anyone with siblings knows they can be a blessing or a curse. For Dakota Hendrix, her two sisters provide comfort when she learns she's incapable of bearing a child. For Finn Anderssen, his young twin brothers are a pain in the neck, especially when they both leave college for a reality dating show. Finn has raised the twins and operated the family aviation business since their parents' death, and he's not about to let them throw away their futures for a slim chance at fame. He follows them to Fool's Gold, Calif., determined to drag them back to Alaska with him. He's unprepared to meet a caring, beautiful woman like Dakota, unprepared for their passionate affair, and definitely unprepared to fall in love.

Happily-ever-afters spring up everywhere in Mallery's first Fool's Gold novel. A secondary romance between one of Finn's brothers and his older match on the reality program provides a satisfying bonus, leaving the reader admiring how Mallery so gracefully works two love stories into one novel. Finn and Dakota's connection is tender and instant, despite their insistence that it's only a casual fling. While he wants to avoid responsibilities and she wants to avoid heartbreak, the duo have such obvious chemistry that the reader will instantly know they're made for each other. Still, knowing they'll resolve their differences takes none of the fun out of the journey. Spicy love scenes and heart-tugging plot twists will keep the pages turning and leave readers ready for two future Fool's Gold novels starring Dakota's sisters.

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