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Blood Bound (An Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent Enter the world of the Skilled, a select segment of society born with paranormal abilities. Liv works as a Tracker, who can find people by the scent of their blood. Her life is thrown into chaos when her friend Annika demands Liv find and kill the person who murdered her husband--but stipulates that Liv must work with her ex-boyfriend Cam, a man she still loves but must avoid for the sake of both their lives.

Gritty, dark and reminiscent of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series, this first novel in a planned trilogy takes the reader into a seedy world of organized paranormal crime. Liv and Cam may still love each other, but trust is a different matter when each of them is magically "Bound" to a different crime lord. However, as they navigate standoffs and money trails in search of those who killed Annika's husband, the secrets Liv and Cam turn up about their syndicate bosses grow deeper and darker, and they begin to realize they can't trust anyone but each other.

Blood Bound offers a little something for everyone: a convincing magical system for urban fantasy fans; for romance readers, a love that time and distance can't break; and a twist-and-turn plot for mystery buffs. Readers looking for a light and fluffy ride should go elsewhere. While Liv and Cam come across as likable, the overall mood of the book has both the grimy patina and complicated charm of the wrong side of town.

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