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Spell Bound - Kelley Armstrong Kelley Armstrong has enthralled fans of her Women of the Otherworld series for a decade, using her gift for mystery, fantasy and the creation of butt-kicking heroines. What better way to commemorate the occasion than with a new installment that brings together all the beloved characters from the series?

Losing her powers is the last thing Savannah Levine needs. Between the witch-hunter stalking her, the demi-demons pestering her, the new movement to make the existence of supernaturals public knowledge and her secret love for her best friend, Adam, she has enough on her plate. But when she wishes she could trade her magic to help an orphan, a mysterious force takes her up on the offer. Now Savannah must face multiple dangers armed only with her wits and willpower.

Definitely not a starting point for the first time Otherworld visitor, Spell Bound explores the connections between former favorites like Hope, Jaime, Elena and Clay, placing everyone in peril and giving everyone a part in the coming battle. Armstrong delivers a fierce punch of action as Savannah uses her hand-to-hand skills to save herself from assassination and abduction attempts. Stripping Savannah of the power she relies on allows readers to see her humanity. She must come to terms with both her insecurity and pride if she's going to save the day, not to mention her relationships with friends and family. You'll cheer Savannah on as she learns that her greatest strengths come not from her magic, but from herself.

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