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The Bugaboo Review: A Lighthearted Guide to Exterminating Confusion about Words, Spelling, and Grammar - Sue Sommer Admit it: you wish you had a more reliable way to double check commonly misspelled words than a Google search. Do you know the difference between affect and effect? Have you ever wondered whether a hunter lies in wait or lays in wait?

If you answered yes to these questions -- or answered yes for your offspring -- Sue Sommer has written the guide you need. During her first week as a high school English teacher, Sommer began compiling a list of tricky spelling and grammar issues for her students. Over the next 13 years, her list first grew into a guide and then into a legend as students, parents, and even their friends requested the original incarnation, made by photocopier. Word of mouth reached a publisher at a school function, and Sommer’s fantastic teaching tool is now available to the world.

Straightforward and accessible, The Bugaboo Review offers a list of common grammar and spelling errors without the condescension many of us associate with learning the nuances of writing. The guide divides into three main sections. The first portion collects the most common errors from the rest of the book and makes them easy to find in a pinch. The main body is an extensive alphabetical list of confusing spellings and grammar errors, including those homophones the spell check on your word processing software isn’t catching. Rounded out with an –ei and –ie spelling reference list, the so-called Bug-Rev is both a great classroom tool and home reference guide.

***This review refers to an ARC. This review was originally written for http://shelf-awareness.com but never got to run.***