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I Am the Cheese - Robert Cormier Distressingly low cheese-related content, given the title.

I discussed this story with an older coworker and he said, "Okay, so was that published in, what, '78?" Off by just one year, he made his guess based purely on the plot. In other words, this book is slightly dated. I think middle schoolers might like it, but older readers are going to guess the solutions to the mysteries fairly quickly. It's a fast read, fairly well-written and not a time-waster, but not as satisfying or mentally stimulating as a quality adult mystery or thriller selection. I'm sure it was great for its time, but it's more fun because of the nostalgia value than because of its own merits these days.

Also, not that this has any bearing on the book's quality, but I kind of think Dennis Lehane may have read this before he wrote Shutter Island...