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Sex Made Easy: Your Bedside Guide to 100 Sex Problems, Questions, & Crises and How to Handle Them Like an Expert - Debby Herbenick *Check out http://www.infinitereads.com for other reviews and sundry thoughts!*

For any woman who wishes someone would hand her an owner's manual for her sex life, Sex Made Easy, Debby Herbenick's straightforward collection of answers to 100 common sexual questions, is a must-have. Herbenick is a sex researcher, educator and columnist and no newcomer to awkward queries--she also answers questions on the Kinsey Institute's website Kinsey Confidential.

Herbenick divides her questions into broad categories, including chapters on genital anatomy and function, sexual health, orgasm, partner sex and helpful tips for times when parenting, pets and life in general get in the way of sexual fulfillment. She unabashedly discusses topics most mothers don't cover in the "birds and bees" talk, from pain during sex to mismatched libidos to the healthy use and care of sex toys. Using a frank, conversational voice--but never resorting to vulgar or sanitizing slang terms--Herbenick backs up her answers with scientific research and points out instances in which research has proved inconclusive, as with conflicting studies on the existence or nonexistence of the G-spot. Readers wanting a position manual should look elsewhere; Herbenick's advice addresses sex concepts and concerns rather than the mechanics of the act.

Although Herbenick writes with a female audience in mind, readers of both genders will benefit from her knowledge. For better sexual understanding and satisfaction, pick up this classy yet candid read.

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