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Cats Behaving Badly: Why Cats Do the Funny Things They Do - Celia Haddon *Check out http://www.infinitereads.com for other reviews and sundry thoughts!*

Have you ever wondered why your cat nips you unexpectedly? Has she suddenly decided that she doesn't want to use her litter box? Or are you wondering how to add a second feline to your household without a bona fide catfight? In her 11 years as a "pet agony aunt" for the Daily Telegraph, cat expert Celia Haddon (The Joy of Cats) gave answers to these predicaments and many more; her wisdom has now been collected in Cats Behaving Badly.

Despite the title, accusing your cat of behaving badly will not get you far with Haddon, who explains that most cats who misbehave from the human point of view are, from the feline perspective, doing exactly what they feel is right. The trick to modifying their behavior lies in understanding its triggers and motivations. With a knowledgeable, approachable voice, Haddon shows readers the cat's view of the world and gives simple solutions for common dilemmas as well as explanations. Beyond problem solving, Haddon also addresses issues such as the proper socialization of kittens, whether shy cats can ever become outgoing and how to make life easier for older cats. Sidebars offer humorous real-life anecdotes about the exploits of cats Haddon has known.

While this British book does not always reflect American sensibilities--for example, a strictly indoor cat is considered a deprived individual in the U.K.--cat owners of any nationality are sure to enjoy Haddon's friendly words of wisdom.

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