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Dust Girl - Sarah Zettel I’m sorry, Dust Girl. I’m sorry I expected you to be boring. Can you ever forgive me for my poor judgment? You’re an engaging, vibrant, and original story with prose that sets the scene perfectly. You captured the suffocating sand-and-sting of a dust storm, the mind-muddling powers of the Unseelie Court, the bold soul of ragtime.

I’m sorry I expected you to be a white-washed flitter-flutter princess book. Blame it on the “look another pretty girl on a YA cover” cover art that gives an incorrect impression of your contents. Clever, resourceful Callie had me in her corner from the first chapter. As I journeyed with Callie and that young rogue Jack, I never knew who they could trust, where they could safely turn on their harsh road. Not only did they face a family of ravenous fae monsters and a vengeful zombie, Callie and Jack faced the starvation, despair, terrible weather, and racial tension of their time period. Oh, and that part with the rabbits?

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