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Bared to You  - Sylvia Day *Check out http://www.infinitereads.com for other reviews and sundry thoughts!*

Readers who loved Fifty Shades of Grey will want to continue their exploits in erotica with Bared to You, the first installment in a new trilogy by veteran romance author Sylvia Day.

Eva could live the high life if she chose, but instead shares an apartment with her jaded best friend, Cary, and is determined to make it to the top of the advertising world on her own merits. Privately, Eva struggles with a traumatic past and her paranoid mother's lack of boundaries. When gorgeous billionaire Gideon Cross steps into Eva's life, she initially resists his aggressive come-ons but cannot deny her lust for his stunning body. A no-strings arrangement quickly becomes a tangle of unstoppable need, but Gideon carries dark secrets to match Eva's own. The lovers must learn to trust each other or their own fractured psyches will tear their relationship apart.

Day writes indulgent fantasy at its most enjoyable, in a story populated by high-society beauties and rakes, all of them hiding dark passions and darker secrets behind their glittering facades. While elements of Bared to You bear superficial similarities to Fifty Shades of Grey, Day charts the course of her plot and her characters' development into different territory as Eva and Gideon try to build a lasting relationship despite the challenges caused by their mutual fear of emotional intimacy. Filled with catty socialite drama, dysfunctional personalities and deliciously explicit love scenes, Bared to You takes a sensual look at a darker side of love.

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