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In a Fix - Linda Grimes *Check out http://www.infinitereads.com for other reviews and sundry thoughts!*

Linda Grimes's debut novel, In a Fix, is a fast-paced, riotous romp with a clever foundational concept. Aura adapting--a paranormal ability that lets the adapter assume the appearance of another person--can be a dangerous business, but Ciel Halligan is smart and capable enough to take over her clients' identities, solve their problems and collect her fee. If only she could convince the overprotective men in her life that she can take care of herself. Ciel's big brother, Thomas, their honorary "cousin" Billy, and Mark, Thomas's best friend and Ciel's long-time object of lust, all conspire to trail, guard and generally annoy her.

Ciel's latest assignment, convincing her client's boyfriend to propose, goes awry when a hulking group of modern Vikings blow up her resort bungalow and abduct the boyfriend. True to form, Billy and Mark both try to interfere with Ciel's efforts to retrieve her target. Aura adapters themselves, both men use their powers to save Ciel from herself and, in rakish Billy's case, to spy on her in the bath. Before Ciel can decide whether to risk her heart on Billy's roguish charms or take a shot at convincing Mark she's a grown woman, she finds herself right in the middle of the Vikings' plot. Can she save the day with only her wit, powers and sense of humor?

Snarky, strong-willed Ciel and her sexy male counterparts are sure to win a fan following with this first novel in a series.

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