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Comet's Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life - Steven D. Wolf, Lynette Padwa *Check out http://www.infinitereads.com for other reviews and sundry thoughts!*

Warning: Comet's Tale may cause spontaneous cases of greyhound adoption.

Some people dream of retiring before 50, but Steven Wolf found himself forced into retirement in his early 40s due to spinal degeneration. Wracked with pain and having to move to Arizona during the winter to escape the cold of Nebraska, where his wife and daughters remained, Wolf found companionship in an unexpected form: Comet, a retired racing greyhound who decided to adopt Wolf rather than the other way around. In Comet's dignified, gracious presence, Wolf finds temporary solace, but his health continues to degrade until getting out of bed or opening a door become monumental tasks. When his friends and health workers suggested Wolf get a service canine, he rejected the idea until his massage therapist asked, "What about Comet?"

Inquiries to professional trainers met responses that varied from polite refusals to outright laughter. After all, greyhounds are known for one thing: speed, not brains. However, Wolf had already learned from experience that some greyhounds are highly intelligent. Determined to prove the world wrong, he set out to train Comet himself, a journey that would bond the pair irrevocably and ultimately lead to a reversal of fate.

Although every bit a top-notch dog story, Comet's Tale is at heart an inspiring look into a man's struggle to remain himself in the face of a progressive disability. Wolf's admission of his own flaws and mistakes is as courageous and endearing as his fight to maintain independence, making the incredible ending both startling and welcome.

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